Eventure Oy’s environmental program

  • We want to protect Finland’s beautiful and diverse nature and its animals with our own actions, so that future generations can enjoy them as well as we do.
  • We are working to reduce unnecessary consumption, recycle and take advantage of the circular economy so that, together with other responsible companies, we can leave our own mark on saving the planet and repairing the effects of climate change.
  • We try our best to provide ecological and rewarding events for work communities and other groups. By participating to these events, we get to know our (work-) friends better, improve the (work-) community and better understand the power of joyful working together. Not to forget the peace of mind you can get from nature.
  • Eventure received the 3/2021 Green Activities environmental certificate for sustainable tourism, which shows our company’s commitment to environmental work.

  • For Eventure to be able to meet changing demand and secure its future, development must be sustainable. Eventure has gone through the Sustainable Travel Finland program developed by Visit Finland for tourism companies and regions and has achieved the Sustainable Travel Finland label on 9 February 2022. Sustainable Travel Finland video.

But of course, it requires much more…

Yli-Takkulan tila’s historic farm is operated responsibly

  • We operate in more than 100-year-old historic timber-framed buildings that we have repaired and refurbished to serve ecologically for the next 100 years.
  • We use traditional and other water-soluble paints for repairs.
  • We have installed energy-saving, air-purifying and healthier air heat pumps in 2021 Villa Takkula and in the warehouse.
  • In the heating of Villa Takkula, we also save electricity by utilizing wood-heated heat-storing baking ovens and bowl ovens.
  • The sauna and hot-tub have a wood-fired, cleanly burning, more environmentally friendly wood stove and fireplace.
  • We use clean filtered water from our own borehole and a nearby spring as drinking and domestic water.
  • We take environmental impacts, ecology and domesticity into account in our detergent choices.
  • The water tanks in the toilet seats are equipped with a water-saving flush.
  • We treat our own wastewater. We regularly service and inspect our wastewater treatment plants to ensure that the water returned to nature is as clean as possible.
  • Waste from outdoor toilets is composted and the finished soil is utilized on our own site.
  • We recycle all our waste properly and guide customers to do the same at our events. We sort, for example, plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, bio and other waste. After all, there is very little not recyclable waste left.

Diversity and inclusiveness

  • Everyone is welcome at Yli-Takkula farm and Eventure’s events and activities, regardless of ethnic origin, beliefs, gender, sexuality, health, ability to function or social class. We do not accept any form of discrimination.
  • You can move along the walkways of the yard, e.g. with a wheelchair, when there is no snow. The Kota (Lappish shelter/teepee) and the Barn Attic are accessible by wheelchair. Villa Takkula’s door openings are min. 80 cm wide and there are two steps at the entrance. Our permanent toilets are not suitable for wheelchair users, but we can order a movable toilet for the disabled for your event if necessary. Please let us know when booking if there are people with reduced mobility in your group and you would like to order a movable toilet for the disabled.


Towards new responsible adventures!

  • We do not consume nature in vain and we never leave rubbish in nature. By setting an example, we also pick other people’s rubbish from nature during customer trips, and we also recommend this to our customers. We challenge our customers to bring with them at least one piece of rubbish they find on each of their own trips.
  • In our programs, we respect the nature, animals, residents and outdoor enthusiasts of the area and always act in accordance with everyone’s rights and, for example, when moving in Nuuksio National Park in accordance with its rules.
  • We are Metsähallitus’ (Forest Administration) partner and we pay attention to the principles of sustainable tourism in Metsähallitus’ nature services as well as Visit Finland’s principles of sustainable tourism in our operations.
  • We do our best to implement a circular economy in our numerous programs and activities. We make cross-use of our existing activity equipment and supplies in many different activity programs. By regularly maintaining and repairing equipment, we extend its life decisively and thus reduce unnecessary purchase consumption. We also make new equipment purchases using the same criteria.
  • We do not use motorized vehicles in our own activities, but move by walking, paddling, cycling, skiing, snowshoeing, etc.
  • We ask customers to always come to our events by bus transportation and try to avoid arriving with cars.
  • We employ and co-operate with entrepreneurs in the vicinity, renting equipment (one way and the other) and ordering, for example, guides, chefs, subcontracting programs, transport and property repairs and renovations in the vicinity. We choose cooperation partners who follow the same values as we do. Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with our partners so that all parties benefit from the partnership. It is important to us that Eventure is a reliable and respected partner.
  • Because our guides are at the forefront of serving our customers, we ensure that our guides:
    • Ensure that they always have valid first aid training
    • Make sure they have downloaded the 112 application to their phone and know how to use it
    • Are familiar with everyone’s rights, the rules of Nuuksio National Park and the principles of sustainable tourism
    • Operate in accordance with the guidelines of TUKES “Promoting the safety of program services” (Safety rules for event makers)
    • Before the start of the event, read through the event security plan and understand its content
    • Take to the event a fully charged phone, protected from bumps and, if necessary, from getting wet, as well as a “guide backpack” that the program may require, with accessories to get you started in various unexpected situations.
  • Learn more about how Eventure takes care of security
  • Read more about Eventure’s staff and guides


Let’s eat smartly

  • We utilize local and organic products in our meals, as well as wild plants and herbs, depending on the opportunities offered by the season.
  • We do not normally use disposable tableware at all. If the group’s dining requires, for example, terrain conditions, group size, schedule, etc., we use ecologically biodegradable or responsibly produced and recyclable disposable tableware.
  • We reduce food waste by directing customers’ actions in connection with meals and by planning, for example, the presentation of meals, etc.
  • After eating, any food waste is sorted into biowaste. Food waste and other biowaste are transferred for further processing to our own biocomposter. The finished product/soil is utilized in our own field.


Let’s tip to others

  • We are happy to tell our customers about the importance of sustainable tourism and how everyone can, with their small choices, promote something that is important to all of us, such as sorting and nature-friendly movement in nature.
  • We often chat with outdoor enthusiasts in the area about the great hiking opportunities in Nuuksio National Park, as well as the rights of every man and the rules of Nuuksio National Park, which sometimes get a little confused.
  • As our guides are important “business cards” and resources for our operations, we ensure that our guides are familiar with and committed to Eventure’s environmental program and tell our customers about environmental work at the most convenient times.


Towards even more responsible action in the future!

    • While we strive to consider sustainable and responsible business in all areas, we always have something to learn. We are ready to renew our services and products so that there will be sufficient demand for them in the future as well. A stable economy and ethical business create the basis for the sustainable and responsible development of operations.
    • By developing our services and products above quality, we create the conditions for the continuity of our own operations.
    • We installed new energy-saving air source heat pumps on 1/2021.
    • On 3/2021, we made a commitment to sustainable development, with which we commit ourselves to promoting the realization of Finland’s social commitment, aiming at the common goal “Finland we want by 2050”.
    • In the spring of 2021, we are applying for the Green Activities tourism environmental certificate. The program supports the operating model we have already chosen and helps us to develop our environmentally friendly business. We received the 3/2021 Green activities certificate!
    • In 2021, we will apply for Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland certificate as proof of responsible tourism. We received the Sustainable Travel Finland label on 9 February 2022.
    • We will investigate the replacement of the waste treatment plant with a more ecological ground filtration plant when it is time to replace our waste treatment plant.
    • We hope that by 2027 we will be able to install solar panels and heat collectors to Yli-Takkulan tila, which would cover a large part of electricity consumption.


    Let’s take care of the future together!




    Eventure team