Eventure – outdoor recreation services since 2005

Eventure offers high quality outdoor activities and adventures to business meetings, conferences, trainings, seminars, private parties or to other important events aimed at customers, staff and other stakeholder groups. Eventure operates in Nuuksio, greater Helsinki region and in Southern Finland.

Eventure was established in 2005 by outdoor event veteran Kim Kärkkäinen who is still running the company. Kim has been working in this field since 1994.

We utilize our long experience in producing activities that fulfill today’s strict safety regulations and customers’ highest expectations. We respect environment and nature that we have great passion for.

We want every participant to have something to take away after the event, whether it be a new skill or hobby, better relations to colleagues or overcoming own fears.

Contact information

Eventure Oy
Takkulantie 11
FI-02980 Espoo

Business ID: 1885215-6

Kim Kärkkäinen
Tel. +358 400 320 855