jatkuu etusivulta (Palautetta 90 henkilön tilaisuudesta Yli-Takkulan tilalla)

What in your view was the best aspect about this event?

Number of respondents: 32

  • The event place was very good. Good team building exercises which everyone could participate in and contribute to. Nice venue and environment, nice to be out in nature, good coaches from the event organisers.
  • Maybe the best thing was the informal atmosphere & surroundings; made me feel free to act and open to meet new people.
  • The venue! The location was perfect and the way the whole day was organised was very smooth.
  • Aspect of meeting and getting to know people, whom you would normally not work with, due to being in different units, running different tasks, etc.
  • It was good that the people in the teams were mixed from different units. The activities were fun, especially the lake trip.
  • That it was 100% fun without any direct work related aspect
  • Turning around the small carpet and such exercises where you have to go out from your comfort zone.
  • Relaxed atmosphere with nice colleagues.
  • The organisers were very professional and experienced.
  • getting to know colleagues outside of work but still in an environment where we have to work together
  • doing activities outdoor and in teams
  • Being in an outdoor environment. Seeing how you could improve at a team activity with a little practice.
  • besides the weather, thw working in groups
  • Spending a day outdoors, learning about different ways people react to varying tasks.
  • I liked that we were outdoors, and that by doing fun activities I got to know colleagues better. The whole atmosphere was very nice, and in general very well organised.
  • It was very professionally organised, the staff was great.
    The rowing part on the lake was the best bit.
  • Being outdoor.
  • Being out of office, in the beautiful nature
  • The deliberate step of mixing the membership of the teams
  • Casual interaction between the activities
  • Being outside regardless of the weather 🙂
  • Fun, being outside, getting to know new persons.
  • outdoor
  • Starting the fire. It was educational to see a bunch of people trying to start a fire together.
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Competitive, but always in a team spirit.
  • knowing people from other unit and also within my unit but in a different environment.
  • Survival training
  • Meeting colleagues from other units and discussing advantages and disadvantages of the work we are doing in our company and how it may be improved.
  • Being out in nature and not being too serious.
  • the multiple activities done