Rescue Rafts - Extreme experiences on rubber rafts

A versatile rescue suite adventure combines raft paddling and swimming in the cold water. Rescue rafts are available until the arrival of the ice and again as soon as they melt in spring time. The suits worn also by rescue professionals float and keep paddlers dry and warm during the adventure. The group gets to try free swimming and splashing, rescuing a paddler from water, “worm-swimming” and most of all, fun moments together. In connection with having fun, you will also learn rescue skills that will enable you to save lives if/when the reality comes.
  • A great activity for those who appreciate new experiences and useful skills
  • Implemented in Yli-Takkula, survival recollections can be continued in the sauna, followed by a tasteful dinner and refreshments by a campfire in our large Kota.
  • An incredible experience for foreign guests

Duration: 1.5-2,5 hours
Persons max: 4-20 people
Season: May-October. Until the arrival of the ice and again as soon as they leave in spring.

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