Raft Safari - A new way to enjoy the beautiful nature on water

This safari is done on firm and easy to paddle rafts and it is a safe and easy way to move in the water and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenes, the lakes and the archipelago. As well as getting memorable experiences, the group will learn about the nature and animals of the surrounding area.
  • The program can also be done as a more relaxed or as a more adventurous version
  • Orienteering to hidden wilderness skills questions (at Yli-Takkula), treasure hunt, team challenges, lunch brake on the land or other activities can be added to the activity
  • A pleasant and refreshing way spend time with your team
  • Additional services could include e.g. at Yli-Takkula a meal by an open fire at an idyllic Kota/Lappish shelter

Duration: 1 - 3 hours
Persons max: 4 - 47 persons
Season: May - October. When the waters are not frozen, approximately from May until October

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