Raft and Hike - Nature adventure with hiking and paddling

In this nature adventure you hike through the beautiful nature while learning and discovering Finnish flora and fauna with our guide. The adventure continues with stable and easy to paddle rafts along the coast or lake scenes. Experiencing the beautiful nature and enjoying the time spent together are the keys of this adventure!
  • At Yli-Takkula we orienteer to hidden wilderness skills questions
  • The event can be done as a more relaxed or more adventurous version
  • Great way to experience the nature at sea or lake as well as on the land
  • Good for recreation and getting new experiences
  • Continue the event with social evening at our idyllic Kota/Lappish shelter at Yli-Takkula

Duration: 1,5 - 3,5 hours
Persons max: 4 - 60 persons
Season: When the waters are not frozen, approximately from May until December

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